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Sea Harmony

The simplicity and elegance of this house are in line with your desire to relax in harmony with the sea and nature. This house is the closest to the sea. Suitable for two to four people.

It is furnished with a little nod to the 60s. The colour accent in the kitchen and the living room is mint. The combination of modern amenities and retro design, most visible in the kitchen, provokes you to get in character and prepare meals and drinks for everyone. The huge windows in the living room face the sea and the alluring outdoor recreation area - a romantic canopy with chairs and a table.

The bedroom has a large, comfortable bed and thick curtains – you will have a good night’s sleep and wake up rested.
There is Internet access throughout the whole house and a TV set in each room.

The bathroom is a little jewel in gray with a stone sink and a slightly fairy tale atmosphere.
The “Sea Harmony” House is that place, where time ceases to exist and you get in harmony with yourself through the simple joys of life – sun, wind, greenery, sea, sky, delicious food and delightful wine.
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